Bringing the Garden Indoors: Wallpaper & Fabric Collection

Bringing the Garden Indoors: Wallpaper & Fabric Collection

A Mini Collection of Floral Wallpaper and Fabric Designs

Are you looking to add a touch of nature to your living space? Are you in the mood to shake things up and give your home some personality? Well, you're in the right place.

I'm thrilled to unveil my mini collection of charming floral wallpaper and fabric designs, all inspired by my love for painting flowers! Whether you're looking for vintage, dainty, or colorful designs, there's a wallpaper in this collection for everyone. These unique and whimsical patterns will add a touch of charm and color to any room in your home.

So, come explore my collection and let's bring the beauty of the outdoors inside!

Canterbury Bells

For the vintage-loving lady who owns antique and old-world furniture, I recommend the delicate and intricate Canterbury Bells floral design. This wallpaper combines colored pencil and gouache paint to mimic a vintage or dated design with a modern flair. It stands out while fitting perfectly into any living space. 

Hydrangea Vines

Looking for a refreshing addition to your kitchen? Check out the beautiful Hydrangea Vines wallpaper design. The mix of blues and greens will freshen up any space, and its organic feeling and delicate detailing mimics the look of a dated ornate wallpaper. 

Wonder Garden

Transform your space into a whimsical paradise with the vibrant and colorful Wonder Garden wallpaper. This stunning wallpaper features a charming assortment of garden flowers, making it the perfect choice for any accent wall, bathroom, craft room, or cozy nook in your home. The details of this wallpaper was crafted using gouache watercolor, resulting in a beautiful, loose, and organic flow that will bring life to any room in your home! 

Dancing Flowers 

For those seeking bolder home decor, the Dancing Flowers wallpaper is a perfect choice. Featuring ranunculuses and peony flowers painted with gouache watercolor, this wallpaper creates striking contrast against a dark background. Whether you want to add a touch of drama to your dining nook, elevate your bookshelf wall, or transform your bathroom, this statement-making wallpaper is guaranteed to impress.

Charming Floral Fabrics

Don't forget about fabrics - these floral prints are available in a wide range of fibers that you can use to DIY any project you've been dreaming of. Whether you're considering new pillows, scrunchies, or scarves, you'll find the perfect fabric to bring your vision to life.

Dancing Flowers in Lavender

The Dancing Flowers print also comes in a dreamy lavender color way. Bring out your sewing machine out or take this beauty to the alterations. Are you thinking home decor or a cute summer dress?

Wonder Garden

And for a colorful and happy flower print, the Wonder Garden fabric is the way to go! The possibilities with this fabric are endless, so let your creativity run wild.

That's all folks!

That's it for my mini collection of charming floral wallpapers and fabrics! Thank you for joining me on this floral journey, I can't wait to see how you incorporate my designs into your home. You can find all the designs on my Spoonflower storefront. 


P.S - Mock-up photos courtesy of TheIndoorsyProject. Aimee Parker generously offers a number of resources for creatives! Check her website out. 💕  


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